Resourceful Revenue helps companies locate, attract, and keep customers by providing value unparalleled to what they've experienced before. We partner with entrepreneurs who have grand ambitions. Our collaboration - engagement, network, passion and experience - gives entrepreneurs the advantage needed to succeed.


We help companies scale through Resourceful Implementations: Creating your Brand Story, Building your Email List, Optimize your Website, Targeted Facebook Ads, SM & Internet Marketing, Contest Creation, Sharing Competition Data, etc). We use what we've learned from our mentors: Peter Drucker, Will Durrant, Charles Koch, Sigmund Freud, Jeff Bezos, and many others.

    Chop Cloud Logo

    Chop Cloud

    Pioneered ChopNotSlop Music
    Creation: 1973, American Record Producer

    RR partnered with Houston's own OGRONC in 2017

    Team Autoplex Logo

    Team Autoplex

    Pioneered Microprocessors
    Invested: 1969, First Institutional Round

    Team Autoplex was one of Venrock's first investments, funded the year Venrock was formed


Adding Value

Resourceful Revenue listens to your needs to find resourceful solutions that saves time, generates revenue, and makes the end user satisfied to become a new loyal customer. Ask us how we can help.